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Geography with International Study (4 years) [BSc]

Student Opinions

"Choosing to study Geography at Manchester is perhaps the best decision I have ever made, and since doing so I have never looked back." (Tim Hall, Geography alumnus)

"Manchester's Geography department is comprised of friendly and approachable staff with a variety of research interests, offering a large variety of course options for students. The Geography course offers a great deal of flexibility so that students can specialise in the aspects of the discipline that are of most interest to them." (David Gaunt Geography alumnus)

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Admission Statistics

Approximately 36 applications were received for entry in 2011/12, and 8 students enrolled on the course. Students on this course follow the same curriculum as that of our standard BSc in Geography, so they share all lectures with other students.

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Course overview

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Course content for year 1

The course units in the first year provide a basic introduction to the three strands of the degree courses.

In Human Geography, changing political, economic, social and cultural geographies are explored at a range of spatial scales. People and Environment is introduced through the issues arising from natural resource development and disease. Climate and earth surface systems are explored in the Physical Geography units. These compulsory units establish basic principles and concepts upon which the second and third years build. In addition to lectures, you will have tutorials, undertake skills-based activities in Studying Place and Approaches to Geographical Research, complete a team project in each semester, and carry out both Human and Physical Geography fieldwork in the Manchester area.

Course content for year 2

In the second year, lectures develop the themes established in the first year but introduce you to wider aspects of the subject. Doing Geographical Research is an additional course unit that introduces some of the major philosophical, theoretical and practical ways in which geography is `done'. This course unit also helps you to learn about particular research techniques for your dissertation. Communication Skills will give you practice in team work, report writing, researching, oral presentations, role playing and negotiation whilst helping you to prepare a curriculum vitae and a dissertation proposal. Tutorials in the second year give advice on dissertations and develop your writing skills. During the second year, you will take part in an overseas field course that will help you to develop your research skills further.

Course content for year 3

The third year is spent abroad at a Partner University in various European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, or the USA. Dissertation work is usually related to this period of study. For more information about the worldwide exchange possibilities please visit the Study Abroad website; www.manchester.ac.uk/undergraduate/studyabroad

Course content for year 4

In the fourth year, you will choose three course units from approximately 10-12 options available in any one year. The range of optional course units is common to both the BA and BSc degree courses and allows you to get experience of geography at the research face, as members of staff lead courses dealing with their areas of particular expertise and interest. The lecture courses encourage student participation and often include a practical element. In addition, you will continue to explore the ways in which we gain geographical knowledge through the General Paper Support sessions, and you will undertake a team project evaluating a classic geographical text.

Career opportunities

Geography has one of the best graduate employment records in the country, and Manchester geographers have an excellent record of gaining employment. A degree programme in geography gives you the opportunity to develop a range of different skills including initiative, flexibility, teamwork, communication skills, information retrieval and research skills, independence and the ability to solve problems and prioritise and manage your own time. Our graduates are employed in a wide variety of occupations including finance, education, marketing, sales, the media, advertising, land management, environmental work, the diplomatic service, health service, law and social work. Many others choose to undertake further study either on Masters or PhD courses, often staying at Manchester to do so.

What our students say

I think the Geography department at Manchester is fantastic as it has many lecturers who specialise in a broad number of fields.  This allows you a greater choice of subjects and to tailor your degree to how you would like and what really interests you!  The lecturers are approachable and friendly and this creates a good, relaxed working environment 

(Second Year Student, BA Geography)

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