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The Impact Assessment Research Centre (IARC)
Part of the School of Environment and Development.

The Impact Assessment Research Centre (IARC) at the University of Manchester aims to promote knowledge and practice of Impact Assessment. The increasing interest in evidence-based policy-making has raised new challenges and debates among impact assessment researchers and practitioners. By encouraging an integrated approach to impact assessment, the IARC seeks to strengthen the linkages between different impact assessment methodologies and practices. The work of IARC is multidisciplinary, and recognises that sustainable development can only be achieved on the basis of a balanced, context and time specific assessment of the economic, social and environmental impacts of policies, programmes and projects. Read more about IARC.


The Enterprise Development Impact Assessment Information Service (EDIAIS) website closed January 2009. An archived site is hosted by IARC. (January 2009).


New IARC Working Papers added to publications (January 2009).


Final Reports for the EU-Mercosur Sustainability Impact Assessment (December 2008).