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Working Paper published on Local Decline and Recovery: Divergent Economic Performance in England

CUPS has published a new working paper that explores the impact of the recession on local authority economic performance in England and the ramifications of this for urban policy in the country. The report is available here.


Posted October 2013

Housing and Neighbourhood Monitor Website

Based on work commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an interactive data website that allows you to explore data on housing and neighbourhood change is available by clicking here.


Posted September 2013

Annual Report Published

The 2012/13 CUPS Annual Report is now online. The annual report highlights the main achievements of the Centre for Urban Policy Studies between August 2012 and July 2013 by summarising the collective activity of staff members and can be viewed here.


Posted August 2013

Honour for Vincent Goodstadt

Professor Vincent Goodstadt has been elected to the Academy of Social Sciences. Vincent is the Past President of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and is currently its Honorary Treasurer and Trustee. He co-authored the New Vision for Planning which has guided the renewal of the planning profession in the UK . He has long standing commitment to linking tertiary planning education and practice as a lecturer and examiner

Posted August 2013

Professor Cecilia Wong discusses her current research

Professor Cecilia Wong, Director of CUPS, recently discussed her current research work with cities@manchester. Click here to watch a video of talk about her cities research along with other University of Manchester academics.


Posted July 2013

30th Anniversary Conference

On 4 June CUPS celebrated its 30th anniversary with a one-day conference on urban policy and evaluation. The conference was chaired by Peter Hetherington (The Guardian) and featured talks by Sir Brian Briscoe (former Chief Executive of the Local Government Association), Professor Pete Tyler (University of Cambridge), Sir Richard Leese (Manchester City Council), Dr. Ruth Lupton (London School of Economics), Dr. Alasdair Rae (University of Sheffield) and Kitty Lymperopoulou (University of Manchester), and Dr. Robert Barr (manchester.geomatics). Presentations by speakers can be found here.


Posted June 2013

A Map for England

The RTPI has launched a debate on the benefits of having a Map for England. For this initiative, CUPS researchers have produced a report and a compendium of spatial maps illustrating the spatial dimension of existing policies across England. On the website of the project, the RTPI are welcoming feedback and comments about this initiative.

The initiative was formally launched by the RTPI on March 22 in Manchester.

Posted April 2012

Contribution to ESPON Seminar

Cecilia Wong contributed to an ESPON seminar with a presentation titled "Measuring Spatial Planning Outcomes: The UK experience". The seminar about "Indicator Development and Monitoring for the National Spatial Strategy and Regional Planning Guidelines" was held on 28th September 2011 in Dublin. A report of the event and a link to the presentations are available via this link.

Posted November 2011

Arcticle in Government Gazette

The European magazine Government Gazette has published an article by Cecilia Wong titled "Regional Spatial Planning: Sino-British Approaches". A pdf copy of the article is available via this link.

Posted October 26 2011

Cities@Manchester blog contributions

The cities@manchester initiative is a network of urban researchers in the University of Manchester. CUPS members have recently contributed to its weekly blog:

Posted October 26 2011

CUPS Newsletter 2011

The annual newsletter of CUPS summarises the main achievements of the Centre for Urban Policy Studies between August 2010 and July 2011 by summarising the collective activity of staff members.

The Newsletter can be viewed in PDF format by following this link:

CUPS Newsletter 2011

Posted August 5 2011

Strategic Approaches to Planning for Housing: Reflections and Experiences

CUPS is organising this one day event on 25th November 2011 in Manchester funded by the Regional Studies Association. Further details about the programme and how to register for the event can be found in the following PDF document:

RSA HousingNet Seminar November 2011

Posted August 5 2011

EU project called SMARTiP

Richard Kingston is the Principal Investigator for the University of Manchester on a new 2 ½ year €2.2m funded EU project called SMARTiP. The project is focusing on the challenge of transforming public services by empowering ‘smart citizens’ who are able to use and co-produce innovative Internet-enabled services within emerging ‘smart’ cities. The project aims to take the experience developed by a wide range of existing user-driven, open innovation initiatives in Europe, particularly those developed through Living Labs, and to apply this experience to engaging citizens as active co-producers of public services. Further details:

SMARTiP - Smart Metropolitan Areas Realised Through Innovation & People

Posted May 4 2011

Launch of Urban Administrative Staff Training Project

CUPS announce a new Urban Administrative Staff Training Project. This aims to connect ongoing research on urban development and planning policy with an international administration training programme. The target for this programme are urban administrators and professionals in China who are of mid to senior career status to refresh their knowledge in both theories and practices of urban development and planning, and to allow knowledge exchange and transfer between China and Britain.
More details about this programme can be found in this PDF document:

Urban Administrative Staff Training

Posted October 11 2010

Report about brownfield residential development published

As part of the UK-wide Housing and Neighbourhood Monitor project funded by the Joseph Rowntree foundation, Cecilia Wong and Andreas Schulze Bäing produced a country report for England titled

"Brownfield residential development in England. What happens to the most deprived neighbourhoods?"

This report illustrates the changing patterns of brownfield reuse for residential use over the last decade and explores the impact this has had on the most deprived neighbourhoods. It uses the Functional Typology of Deprived Neighbourhoods developed within CUPS to illustrate different patterns of change in different types of deprived neighbourhoods.

The report is now available on the website of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation or via a direkt link to the PDF file of the report.

Posted June 22 2010

Interactive website launched showing Functional Typology of Deprived Neighbourhoods

Professor Brian Robson working with the former CUPS researchers Kitty Lymperopoulou and Alasdair Rae, developed a functional typology of deprived areas to capture the dynamic nature of neighbourhoods, as part of an evaluation of the government's strategy for neighbourhood renewal.

The website "Functional Typology of Deprived Neighbourhoods", produced by CUPS researcher Yi Gong, allows users to explore maps illustrating this typology interactively and provides further background information.

Posted June 22 2010

Spatial Evidence Study for the NWDA

The Northwest Development Agency commissioned a Spatial Evidence Study to establish the spatial patterns of economic performance in the North West region. This will be used to inform the debate on key policy issues and the development of the single integrated Regional Strategy, which will replace the existing Regional Economic Strategy (RES) and Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS). The main authors of this study are Professor Cecilia Wong from the Centre for Urban Policy Studies and Dr. Alasdair Rae from the Department of Town and Regional Planning at the University of Sheffield.

Posted October 19 2009

Launch of Housing and Neighbourhood Monitor - Report and Website online

The Housing and Neighbourhoods Monitor, published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, analyses key housing and neighbourhood trends across the UK. Compiled by a collaborative team of researchers from Manchester University, Glasgow University and Ulster University, and co-ordinated by the Centre for Urban Policy Studies, the report suggests that the government is unlikely to meet its housing target of supplying 3 million new homes by 2020. The report is available on the JRF website.

Complementing the report, a free inter-active website has been developed by the Centre for Urban Policy Studies. It is available at www.hnm.org.uk. The website brings together a wide range of housing and neighbourhood trends for the whole of the UK for the first time. It provides detailed Google Maps and a series of charts, enabling users to examine a wide range of information for their locality. This includes themes such as housing supply, affordability, new build rates, educational attainment and economic activity.

For further details contact Prof Cecilia Wong

Posted November 18 2009

New Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences

Following the footstep of Professor Brian Robson, Professor Cecilia Wong has just been awarded the status of Academician by the Academy of Social Sciences to acknowledge her contribution to the field.

Posted October 07 2009

Presentation at event "Greater Manchester Integrated Transport 09"

Brian Robson and Cecilia Wong are chairing and presenting at the event "Greater Manchester Integrated Transport 09" on 23 September 2009.

The theme of their presentation is 'Transport, accessibility and city-regional development', looking at how improvement in our transport infrastructure can affect both inter- and intra-regional linkages and transform the development landscape of the Manchester city-region. More details about the event can be found at the Public Service Events website.

Posted July 28 2009