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School of Environment and Development

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SED Research Centres


SED hosts several high-profile research centres working on a variety of themes.

Research Publications


SED staff regularly produce a large number of publications on a wide range of subjects.

Research Funding


SED has an excellent track record in securing research and consultancy funding.

Research Support


SED provides its staff with professional support in management and development their research.

Key Research Themes

Climate Change

A polar bear sitting on ice

A significant proportion of research at SED aims to understand the multiple facets of climate change, spanning both mitigation (the reduction of greenhouse gases) and adaptation (responding to the impacts associated with a changing climate).

More information on our climate change research.

Poverty and Inequality

An African Market

SED is globally renowned for producing new knowledge and policy guidance on the causes of poverty and the best ways to eradicate it, in the global North as well as South.

More information on our poverty and inequality research.

Sustainable Cities


With multidisciplinary expertise spanning architecture, geography and planning, SED is well positioned to make a significant contributions to understanding the future of cities.

More information on our sustainable cities research.

Disciplinary Areas

International Development


Researching the social and economics aspects of international development.

Planning and Environmental Management


Policy-oriented research in urban and environmental planning.



Developing new ways of thinking, researching and engaging with architecture and urban change.



World-class interdisciplinary research in human and physical geography.