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IDPM Working papers

Rural Resources/Rural Livelihoods: Working Papers

Series Editor: Dr Philip Woodhouse

This series has been developed in association with the ESRC's Global Environmental Change III Programme.


Highlighted publications are available online. Most are available for download as a zipped MS Word file. Some are also available in PDF format.

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Working Papers

Number Title
13/2001 African Enclosures: A Default Mode of Development? (Philip Woodhouse)
12/1999 Implementation of South Africa's National Water Act. Catchment Management Agencies: Interests, Access and Efficiency. Inkomati Basin Pilot Study (Philip Woodhouse)
11/1998 Local Governance, Natural Resource Management, and the Implementation of Local Area Development Programmes (Philip Woodhouse and Gervase Maipose)
10/1997 The Sustainability of Agricultural Systems (Dan Rigby and Daniel Caceres)
9/1997 A Framework for the Study of Community Conservation in Africa (David Hulme)
8/1997 Approaches to Community Participation (Marshall Murphree)
7/1997 Land, Water and Local Governance in South Africa: A Case Study of the Mutale River Valley (Edward Lahiff)
6/1997 Land, Water and Local Governance in Mali: Rice Cultivation and Changing Resource Use in the Sourou Valley, Bankass Cercle (P Chenevix-Trench, M Tessougué and P Woodhouse)
5/1996 Local Institutions and Natural Resource Management in the West African Sahel: Policy and Practice of 'Gestion de Terrior' in the Republic of Mali (Yvette D Evers)
4/1996 Land, Water and Local Governance in a Kenyan Wetland in Dryland: The Kimana Group Ranch and its Environs (Chris Southgate and David Hulme)
3/1996 Land, Water and Local Governance in Kajiado: A District Overview (Chris Southgate and David Hulme)
2/1996 Environmental Management in Kenya's Arid and Semi-arid Lands: An Overview (Chris Southgate and David Hulme)
1/1995 Land, Water and Local Governance: Botswana Case Study (Andrew Clayton)

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