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IDPM Working papers

Development Informatics: Working Papers

Series Editor: Dr Richard Heeks


Working papers are available for download both in PDF format and as a zipped MS Word file.

Short papers and briefing papers are available in PDF format.

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Working Papers

Number Title
52/2013 Understanding e-Waste Management in Developing Countries: Building Sustainability in the Indian ICT Sector (Richard Heeks, Logakanthi Subramanian & Carys Jones)
51/2013 ICTs and Social Movements under Authoritarian Regimes: An Actor-Network Perspective (Richard Heeks & Ryoung Seo-Zindy)
50/2012 Mobile Phones for Agricultural and Rural Development: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions (Richard Duncombe).
49/2012 Women’s ICT Sector Employment in Developing Countries: Dualism of Rhetoric vs. Reality in the Case of Sri Lanka (Sharon Morgan).
48/2012 Understanding Mobile Phone Impact on Livelihoods in Developing Countries: A New Research Framework (Richard Duncombe).
47/2011 Can a Process Approach Improve ICT4D Project Success? (Matthew Walton & Richard Heeks).
46/2011 ICTs and Informal Learning in Developing Countries (Christopher Foster).
45/2010 Explaining ERP Failure in Developing Countries: A Jordanian Case Study (Ala'a Hawari & Richard Heeks).
44/2010 A New ICT Maturity Model for Education Institutions in Developing Countries (Julian M. Bass).
43/2009 Internet Usage Under Authoritarian Regimes: Conviviality, Community, Blogging and Online Campaigning in Iran (Aghil Ameripour, Brian Nicholson & Michael Newman).
42/2009 The ICT4D 2.0 Manifesto: Where Next for ICTs and International Development? (Richard Heeks).
41/2009 Assessing the Potential for Mobile Payments in Africa: Approaches and Evidence from Uganda (Richard Duncombe).
40/2009 Analysing the Mobile Telecommunications Market in a Developing Country: A Socio-Technical Perspective on Pakistan (Ping Gao & Adnan Rafiq).
39/2009 Impact Assessment of Mobile Phones on Development: Concepts, Methods and Lessons for Practice (Richard Duncombe).
38/2009 Remoteness, Exclusion and Telecentres in Mountain Regions: Analysing ICT-Based "Information Chains" in Pazos, Peru (Richard Heeks & Laura León Kanashiro).
37/2009 Mobile Phones and Financial Services in Developing Countries: A Review of Concepts, Methods, Issues, Evidence and Future Research Directions (Richard Duncombe & Richard Boateng).
36/2009 Impact Assessment of ICT-for-Development Projects: A Compendium of Approaches (Richard Heeks & Alemayehu Molla).
35/2008 Analyzing Telecentres Using Postcolonial Theory (Savita Bailur).
34/2008 Conceptualising Information Culture in Developing Countries (Yingqin Zheng & Richard Heeks).
33/2008 Nation States, Networks of Flows and ICT-Enabled Development: Learning from Jordan (Chris Westrup & Saheer Al-Jaghoub).
32/2008 Current Analysis and Future Research Agenda on "Gold Farming": Real-World Production in Developing Countries for the Virtual Economies of Online Games (Richard Heeks).
31/2008 Deconstructing Community Participation in Telecentre Projects (Savita Bailur).
30/2008 Researching ICT-Based Enterprise in Developing Countries: Analytical Tools and Models (Richard Heeks).
29/2007 Mobile Telephony and Developing Country Micro-Enterprise: A Nigerian Case Study (Abi Jagun, Richard Heeks & Jason Whalley).
28/2006 Analysing the Organisational Risk and Change of CMM Software Process Improvement in a Nearshoring Firm (Martha Marcias-Garza and Richard Heeks).
27/2006 Analysing ICT Applications for Poverty Reduction via Micro-enterprise Using the Livelihoods Framework (Richard Duncombe).
26/2006 SMEs and E-commerce in Developing Countries: Frameworks for Assessing the Role of Change Agents (Richard Duncombe and Alemayehu Molla).
25/2006 Analysing the Software Sector in Developing Countries Using Competitive Advantage Theory (Richard Heeks).
24/2005 Success and Failure of ERP Technology Transfer: A Framework for Analysing Congruence of Host and System Cultures (Alemayehu Molla and Ioannis Loukis).
23/2005 Human Resource Development Policy in the Context of Software Exports: Case Evidence from Costa Rica (Brian Nicholson & Sundeep Sahay).
22/2005 Exploring the Reality of eCommerce Benefits Among Businesses in a Developing Country (Alemayehu Molla).
21/2004 A Profile of Nigeria's Software Industry (H. Abimbola Soriyan and R. Heeks).
20/2004 ICT Initiatives, Women and Work in Developing Countries: Reinforcing or Changing Gender Inequalities in South India? (Shoba Arun, Richard Heeks and Sharon Morgan) .
19/2004 Growth and Formalisation of Information Systems in Developing Country SMEs (Richard Duncombe).
18/2004 The Impact of eReadiness on eCommerce Success in Developing Countries: Firm-Level Evidence (Alemayehu Molla).
17/2003 Uncertainty and Coordination in Global Software Projects: A UK/India-Centred Case Study (Su-Ying Lai, Richard Heeks & Brian Nicholson).
16/2003 Knowledge and Learning in Online Networks in Development: A Social Capital Perspective (Sarah Cummings, Richard Heeks & Marleen Huysman).
15/2003 Building Iran's Software Industry: An Assessment of Plans and Prospects Using the Software Export Success Model (Brian Nicholson & Sundeep Sahay).
14/2003 Information Management Strategy Formation in Northern Development NGOs (Michael Schueber).
13/2002 An Information Systems Perspective on Ethical Trade and Self-Regulation (Richard Duncombe & Richard Heeks).
12/2002 Software Export Success Factors and Strategies in Developing and Transitional Economies (Richard Heeks & Brian Nicholson).
11/2002 Failure, Success and Improvisation of Information Systems Projects in Developing Countries (Richard Heeks).
10a/2002 The Economics of ICTs and Global Inequality: Convergence or Divergence for Developing Countries? (Richard Heeks & Charles Kenny)
10/2002 Themes and Issues in Telecentre Sustainability (Raul Roman & Royal D. Colle).
9/2000 Synching or Sinking: Trajectories and Strategies in Global Software Outsourcing Relationships (Richard Heeks, S. Krishna, Brian Nicholson & Sundeep Sahay).
8/2000 International NGOs: Networking, Information Flows and Learning (Shirin Madon).
7/1999 Information, ICTs and Small Enterprise: Lessons from Botswana (Richard Duncombe & Richard Heeks).
6/1999 Software Strategies in Developing Countries (Richard Heeks).
5/1999 Information and Communication Technologies, Poverty and Development (Richard Heeks).
4/1999 The Tyranny of Participation in Information Systems: Learning from Development Projects (Richard Heeks).
3/1998 The Uneven Profile of Indian Software Exports (Richard Heeks).
2/1998 Romania's Hardware and Software Industry: Building IT Policy and Capabilities in a Transitional Economy (Mihaiela Grundey & Richard Heeks).
1/1998 Evaluation of Donor-Funded Information Technology Transfer Projects in China: A Lifecycle Approach (Erik Baark & Richard Heeks).

Short Papers and Briefing Papers

Please note: the links below lead directly to a PDF version of the papers.

DIG eDevelopment Briefings

Number Title
Delivering Coherent ICT Policies in Developing Countries (Richard Heeks, Ping Gao & Angelica Ospina).
Online "Gold Farming": Developing-Country Production for Virtual Gameworlds (Richard Heeks ).
m-Development: Current Issues and Research Priorities (Richard Heeks & Abi Jagun).
World Summit on the Information Society: What Did it Achieve for ICTs and Development, What Did it Ignore? (Richard Heeks).
Sustainability and the Future of eDevelopment (Richard Heeks).
Social Outsourcing of IT Services (Richard Heeks).
Offshoring to Africa (Richard Heeks).
Overestimating the Global Digital Divide (Richard Heeks).
Is the Communication/Rights Agenda Damaging eDevelopment? (Richard Heeks).
Foundations of ICTs in Development: Pushing and Pulling (Richard Heeks).
Foundations of ICTs in Development: The Onion-Ring Model (Richard Heeks).
Foundations of ICTs in Development: The Information Chain (Richard Heeks).
Reframing the Role of Telecentres in Development (Richard Heeks).
Free and Open Source Software: A Blind Alley for Developing Countries? (Richard Heeks).

Short Papers

Number Title
A Model for Assessing IT Impact Sourcing Relationships (Sheng Lu, Brian Nicholson & Richard Heeks).
Development 2.0: Transformative ICT-Enabled Development Models and Impacts (Richard Heeks).
ICTs and the World's Bottom Billion (Richard Heeks).
Challenging Conventional Views on Mobile Telecommunications Investment: Evidence from Conflict Zones (Agnieszka Konkel & Richard Heeks).
Computer Games and Developing Countries: A Research Agenda (Richard Heeks).
ICTs and the MDGs: On the Wrong Track? (Richard Heeks).
"What Did Giddens And Latour Ever Do For Us?": Academic Writings on Information Systems and Development (Richard Heeks).
Lessons for Development from the New Economy (Richard Heeks).
Analysing E-commerce for Development (Richard Heeks).
Myths of Software Development in Developing Countries (Richard Heeks).
Getting the Most from IT Training Courses for Africa (Richard Heeks).
Information Systems Without Information Technology (Richard Heeks).


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