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The Internationalization of Public Management: Reinventing the Third World State

Willy McCourt and Martin Minogue (eds.), 2001, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK/Northampton, MA - ISBN: 1 84064 181 9

The past two decades have seen a process of almost continuous reform in public management in developed countries, and a renegotiation of traditional relationships between state, economy and society. These changes have been expressed through privatization, civil service reductions and restructuring, the introduction of market-type mechanisms to improve the delivery of public services, the construction of new forms of partnership between state and non-state organizations, and new types of regulation and accountability. In turn, these public management reforms have, in a variety of ways, been transferred to state systems of developing and transitional economies.

The Internationalization of Public Management constitutes one of the first attempts to examine the conceptual and practical problems which attend such policy transfers, and to make preliminary judgements about the successes and failures of public management reform in developing countries. The distinguished group of contributors offers instructive insights into the complex reality of the development state.

Both academics and postgraduate students within the areas of politics and governance, public sector management and development studies will find this book essential reading. Practitioners in these fields, especially within aid agencies and research institutions, will also find the book contains valuable lessons and conclusions.


  1. The Internationalization of New Public Management (Martin Minogue)
  2. Should Flawed Models of Public Management Be Exported? Issues and Practices (Martin Minogue)
  3. Administrative Reform in Core Civil Services: Application and Applicability of the New Public Management (Charles Polidano)
  4. New Public Management and Development: The Case of Public Service Reform in Tanzania and Uganda (Jeremy Clarke & David Wood)
  5. Local Government: Management or Politics? (Howard Elcock & Martin Minogue)
  6. The NPM Agenda for Service Delivery: A Suitable Model for Developing Countries? (Willy McCourt)
  7. Reinventing the Third World State: Service Delivery and the Civic Realm (David Hulme)
  8. Privatization and Regulation in Developing Countries (Paul Cook)
  9. Human Resource Management and New Public Management: Two Sides of a Coin that has a Low Value in Developing Countries? (Harry Taylor)
  10. Information Systems and Public Sector Reform in the Third World (Richard Heeks & David Mundy)
  11. Moving the New Public Management Debate Forward: A Contingency Approach (Willy McCourt)

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