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Institute for Development Policy and Management
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IDPM Publications


A series of policy-relevant research briefs designed to summarize messages emerging from research conducted within these different groups.

IDPM Working Papers

The Institute regularly publishes a variety of working papers, most of which are available online free of charge.

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Latest Papers Published

Development Economics and Public Policy Series

Number Title
34/2012 Does Local Financial Development Matter for Entrepreneurship in the Informal Sector? Evidence from India (Vinish Kathuria, Rajesh Raj S N and Kunal Sen).
33/2012 Do We See Convergence in Institutions? A Cross-Country Analysis (Antonio Savoia and Kunal Sen).
32/2012 The Labour Share of Income around the World. Evidence from a Panel Dataset (Marta Guerriero).
31/2011 Productivity Measurement in Indian Manufacturing: A Comparison of Alternative Methods (Vinish Kathuria, Rajesh Raj S.N. and Kunal Sen).

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Development Informatics Series

Number Title
51/2013 ICTs and Social Movements under Authoritarian Regimes: An Actor-Network Perspective (Richard Heeks & Ryoung Seo-Zindy)
50/2012 Mobile Phones for Agricultural and Rural Development: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions (Richard Duncombe).
49/2012 Women’s ICT Sector Employment in Developing Countries: Dualism of Rhetoric vs. Reality in the Case of Sri Lanka (Sharon Morgan).
48/2012 Understanding Mobile Phone Impact on Livelihoods in Developing Countries: A New Research Framework (Richard Duncombe).

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iGovernment - Information Systems, Technology and Government Series

Number Title
22/2012 Steering e-Government Projects from Failure to Success: Using Design-Reality Gap Analysis as a Mid-Implementation Assessment Tool (Lemma Lessa, Solomon Negash & Mesfin Belachew).
21/2011 A Framework for Assessing Privacy Readiness of e-Government (Kristof Kessler, Nils Hettich, Chadley Parsons, Craig Richardson & Anny Triana).
20/2010 Analysing e-Government Project Failure: Comparing Factoral, Systems and Interpretive Approaches (Carolyne Stanforth).
19/2009 Understanding Adoption of e-Govrnment: Principals, Agents and Institutional Dualism (Richard Heeks & Rita Santos).

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Brooks World Poverty Institute Working Papers

Number Title
181/2013 Have natural disasters become deadlier? (Raghav Gaiha, Kenneth Hill, Ganesh Thapa and Varsha S. Kulkarni)
180/2013 Poverty and development thinking: synthesis or uneasy compromise? (David Hulme)
179/2012 Fighting discrimination: W. Arthur Lewis and the dual economy of Manchester in the 1950s (Paul Mosley and Barbara Ingham)
178/2012 Urban poverty in Bangladesh: causes, consequences, and coping strategies (Nicola Banks)

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Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC) Working Papers

Number Title
169/2010 Ethnic minority poverty in Vietnam (Bob Baulch, Hoa Thi Minh Nguyen, Phuong Thi Thu Phuong, Hung Thai Pham).
160/2010 Mothers' human capital and the intergenerational transmission of poverty (Jere R. Behrman, Alexis Murphy, Agnes Quisumbing, Kathryn Yount).
159/2010 Inheritance and the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: Policy Considerations (Elizabeth Cooper).
158/2010 Testing a poverty trap mechanism with Tsimane' panel data (Emilie Purge).

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Global Urban Research Centre (GURC) Working Papers

Number Title
8/2012 Land tenure and urban conflict: A review of the literature (Melanie Lombard)
7/2011 The importance of assets in current development debates: Millennium Development Goals, social protection and climate change (Caroline Moser and Alfredo Stein)
6/2010 Climate change adaptation in Lusaka, Zambia: A case study of Kalingalinga and Linda Compounds (Danny Simatele)
5/2010 Implementing Urban Participatory Climate Change Adaptation Appraisals: A Methodological Guideline (Caroline Moser and Alfredo Stein)

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ESID Working Papers

Number Title
19/2013 Donors, Development Agencies and the use of Political Economic Analysis: Getting to grips with the politics of development?  (Laura Routley and David Hulme)
18/2013 Institutions, Incentives and Service Provision: Bringing Politics Back In (Brian Levy and Michael Walton)
17/2013 Methods in Governance Research: A Review of Research Approaches (Lawrence Sáez)
16/2012 Developing the guts of a GUT (Grand Unified Theory): elite commitment and inclusive growth (Lant Pritchett and Eric Werker)

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Centre for Organisations in Development Working Papers

Number Title
9/2013 Implementation of the OECD DAC Principles in South Korea: Implications for Future DAC Member States (Sojin Lim)
8/2012 Performance Management in Provincial Administration in Thailand (Nicha Sathornkich and Derek Eldridge)
7/2012 Institutional Bottlenecks and Poor Service Delivery: A Case of Missing Linkages in the District Government System in Pakistan (Iram A Khan and Asad K Ghalib)
6/2011 Employee Participation in INGOs in Kenya: A Middle Way? (Carol Brunt and Willy McCourt)

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