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Children in rural Bangladesh (Photo © Karen Moore)

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Research at IDPM

Research is central to IDPM's mission to raise the capabilities of individuals and organisations in developing countries.

Our research significantly contributed to Manchester being ranked as the top UK research institution in the area of development studies based on research power in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise.

Building on the success of the Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC), IDPM is currently establishing ESID, a new DfID-funded research consortium on the political determinants of development.

Postgraduate Studies

With over 20 specialist masters programmes and over 300 postgraduate students enrolling every year, IDPM is the UK's largest university-based postgraduate training centre specialising in international development.

IDPM is also an increasingly popular choice for postgraduate research (PhD) students.


News and Events

Our Development Economics and Public Policy students visit the World bank in Bulgaria on fieldwork - watch the video.

Labour Standards and Social Compliance - Dr Khalid Nadvi of IDPM is part of an online debate on the New York Times that focuses on labour standards and social compliance in global factories, sparked off by the recent factory fires in Dhaka and Karachi. The debate also has contributions from Jagdish Bhagwati, Auret van Heerden of the Fair Labor Association and others.

From Our Own Correspondent

In today’s programme, we visit a slum in Bangladesh. Despite the difficult conditions, residents are glad to trade difficult life in farming villages for a few modern conveniences and the chance to earn money in the city. But it seems that improvements always come with a cost. IDPM’s David Hulme has been investigating for the BBC World Service. Listen here.

Want to hear the history of development in just 3 minutes? - watch Professor David Hulme

development@manchester seminars - 2012/13

What Our Students Say