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Quaternary Environments and Geoarchaeology (QEG)


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QEG contributes to INQUA 2011.

Jamie Woodward to give keynote lecture.

The Physical Geography of the Mediterranean, edited by Jamie Woodward, published by OUP.

QEG at the Sixth World Archaeological Congress in Dublin.

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Cover of Large Rivers: Link to publishers site

Woodward, J.C. et al. (2008) The Nile: evolution, Quaternary river environments and material fluxes. In: A. Gupta (Editor) Large Rivers: Geomorphology and Management. Chichester, John Wiley and Sons, 261-292.

The Quaternary environments and geoarchaeology research group was established in 2004 following the arrival of three new physical geographers at The University of Manchester. We share a common interest and passion for Earth surface system dynamics and climate change over a range of timescales. A distinctive feature of our work - and a core theme of geography - is a concern for human-environment interactions - past, present and future. This agenda involves, for example, elucidating the impact of past global climate change on the geoarchaeology of the Nile Valley, the palaeoecological record of agricultural origins in NW Europe, and the development of modelling strategies to predict the impact of global warming on the cryosphere. We have research expertise in Quaternary stratigraphy, glacial and fluvial geomorphology, palaeoecology and palaeolimnology, geoarchaeology, glaciological modelling and the philosophy of environmental change. Our work is strongly interdisciplinary and we interact with scholars and laboratories around the world. Fieldwork takes place in various parts of the Northern Hemisphere but with particular emphasis on the Mediterranean, NW Europe, Greenland, NW North America and the Nile Basin. We welcome approaches to join the group and funding schemes are available at both postgraduate and post-doctoral levels. Use the links on this page to explore our interests and outputs

Academic staff in QEG
Name Position Interests
Jeff Blackford Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography and QEG coordinator Palaeoecology of peatlands and lakes.
Palynology and fungal spore analysis.
Tim Allott Reader in Physical Geography Palaeolimnology and palaeoecology.
Diatom palaeoecology.
Holocene environmental change.
Jason Dortch Lecturer in Physical Geography

Quaternary geology, geomorphology, and tectonics of mountain belts at high latitude and high altitude.

Laura Edwards Lecturer in Geographical Info Science Remote sensing of the Cryosphere.
William Fletcher Lecturer in Physical Geography Palynology.
Mediterranean vegetation records.
Quaternary environments.
Richard Huggett Reader in Physical Geography Philosophies of environmental change.
Interactions between ecology and evolution.
Philip Hughes Lecturer in Physical Geography Glacial and periglacial environments.
Mediterranean glaciation.
Quaternary stratigraphy and geochronology.
Peter Ryan Teaching Fellow in Physical Geography

Mesolithic environmental change the UK and Denmark, chironomid analysis, fungal spores.

Jamie Woodward Professor of Physical Geography Geomorphology of the Mediterranean.
Mediterranean glaciation and river systems.
Geoarchaeology of fluvial systems.
Flood records and sediment sources.
Holocene environments in the Nile basin.


Research Fellows and Research Postgraduates
Name Position Interests
Kathryn Adamson PhD Student Quaternary geomorphology.
Carbonate micromorphology.
Quaternary sedimentology and stratigraphy.
Roger Braithwaite Honorary Senior Research Fellow Glaciology and mass balance.
Modelling glacier behaviour and sea level change.
Sarah Kneen PhD Student Environmental changes across the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition.
Richard Payne Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Testate amoebae and peatlands.
Volcanic impacts and climate.
Volcanic impacts on peatland ecology.
Genevieve Potts PhD Student Palaeoclimatic records of the last 5,000 years from peat bogs in the Orkney Islands.
Barry Taylor PhD Student Geoarchaeology.
Mesolithic archaeology.
Human use and dynamics of Holocene lacustrine environments.
Rose Wilkinson PhD Student Palynology and environmental reconstruction.
Palaeoecology of upland ecosystems.
Mediterranean vegetation dynamics.


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