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Climate change adaptation: news headlines

Abstracts and reviews

Abstracts and reviews of climate change adaptation news articles are provided by EcoCities researchers.


'Game Over for the Climate'

9 May 2012

James Hansen directs the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. He argues that the science of climate change is clear and that politics needs to follow. He says that 'Every major national science academy in the world has reported that global warming is real, caused mostly by humans, and requires urgent action. The cost of acting goes far higher the longer we wait we can't wait any longer to avoid the worst and be judged immoral by coming generations'.

EU climate change 'worse for women' row

19 April 2012

Is climate change a bigger risk for women than men? A Tory MEP says the claim - by a committee she sits on - is "bonkers".

First report on UK climate impact

26 January 2012

Climate change this century poses both risks and opportunities, according to the first comprehensive government assessment of its type.


Challenges of climate adaptation

2 December 2011

David Shukman looks at how the UK is dealing with the uncertainty surrounding projected climate impacts and how the country can plan for adaptation.

The reality of adapting to uncertain climate forecasts

2 December 2011

Following a study into climate change adaptation for the Climate Change Committee, this article asks how much faith can be put climate change predictions and is it worth spending serious money acting on them?

A brief history of climate change

28 November 2011

Overview of climate change (looking at both mitigation and adaptation) from the Industrial Revolution to the present day.

Edinburgh World Heritage site: Effect of climate change

18 October 2011

A five-year plan is drafted to research the effects of climate change on historic buildings in Edinburgh's World Heritage site.

Climate change boon to UK seafood

15 September 2011

Studies show that warming temperatures may mean a more abundant array of fish species that may benefit the UK fisheries industry.

Interactive map of US shows how climate change will affect health

5 August 2011

On August 3 the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in America launched an interactive map showing US citizens how climate change could affect their health past on existing data.

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Housebuilders must rise to the challenge of climate change

27 July 2011

Chris Goodier and Wei Pan outline the challenges that housebuilders face in helping to meet the UK government's goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Solar panels help cool buildings, says study

25 July 2011

As well as providing a source of alternative energy, roof-mounted solar panels could also have the extra benefit of cooling the house or workplace on which they are fitted says a new report.

Adapting to an uncertain climate

5 July 2011

Companies that are already changing their products and services to adapt to climate change gain a considerable competitive advantage.

London – where the streets are paved with gold, and the gardens with cement

8 June 2011

A London Wildlife Trust report shows the capital is greying, with green spaces increasingly paved over or built on.

Incentives 'can help home-owners go green'

26 May 2011

Incentives, such as garden makeovers and fruit and veg vouchers, could help home-owners invest in energy efficiency measures, a pilot scheme has shown.

Opportunities offered by climate change

26 April 2011

The shock of climate change could upset the status quo, presenting an opportunity to challenge existing social contracts and unequal relationships.

Bradford residents asked about flood risk

3 April 2011

Residents across Bradford are being asked to complete a flood awareness survey as the council works out how it would deal with a potential disaster. Drainage experts are now working with specialists across Europe on two major projects designed to deal with serious flooding.

Commentary: historic homes are environmentally friendly

22 March 2011

"Living and breathing" old-fashioned homes deserve a better press for using traditional materials and methods that save energy and protect the environment.

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Climate adaptation is bringing sceptics in the US and UK onboard - but is it fast enough?

7 March 2011

Some of the more conservative areas of the US like Florida are now adapting to climate change yet they are still unwilling to accept the necessity of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Picture shows how floods could devastate Cardiff

7 March 2011

The Environment Agency has revealed how Cardiff would look without any flood defences. Images show how the Millennium Stadium, Bute Park and Ninian Park would all be submerged if not for flood protection.

Climate change doubled likelihood of devastating UK floods of 2000

16 February 2011

Researchers have for the first time quantified the part climate change played in increasing the risk of a severe flood.

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Defra's UK climate-proofing plans unveiled

28 January 2011

Roads built to the same standards as the scorching south of France; fish moved from the overheated Lake District to cooler waters in Scotland; lighthouses threatened by rising seas. From measures in use already to seemingly far-fetched scenarios for the future, these are some of the findings in the first batch of climate adaptation plans submitted to the environment ministry Defra.

2010 — a near-record year

20 January 2011

The Met Office and the University of East Anglia have today released provisional global temperature figures for 2010, which show the year to be the second warmest on record. With a mean temperature of 14.50 °C, 2010 becomes the second warmest year on record, after 1998. The record is maintained by the Met Office and the Climatic Research Unit at UEA.

Planning for extremes: Adapting to climate change is a commercial priority

19 January 2011

Sustainability should be integrated into corporate strategy and made central to core business policies and practices. There is also a need for companies to look beyond carbon and energy management when making strategic risk and opportunity assessments around sustainability. Failing to do so could restrict the agility of the business and undermine competitiveness in the long term.


UK's infrastructure will struggle to cope with climate change, report warns

23 December 2010

Floods, rising temperatures and higher sea levels threaten the UK's road, rail, water and energy networks between 2030 and 2100.

Torbay adopts i-Tree software that 'puts a value on trees'

10 December 2010

A new computer software package developed in the US puts a financial value on the ecosystem services trees perform, from reduced air pollution to the amount of carbon dioxide removed... can it now work in the UK?

Adaptation against the odds: enabling communities to cope with climate change

12 October 2010

The NGO Practical Action have highlighted their work with a photo exhibition of images looking at how families in developing countries are coping with climate change titled "Adaptation against the odds: enabling communities to cope with climate change".

How science will shape climate adaptation plans

16 September 2010

Scientists must press on in developing the emerging tools that will help governments make decisions on adapting to climate change.

Google Earth zooms in on dangerous climate change

14 July 2010

A new interactive Google Earth map showing the impacts of a 4 °C warmer world was launched today by the Government, in partnership with the Met Office.

'Climategate' review clears scientists of dishonesty over data

7 July 2010

The climate scientists at the centre of a media storm were today cleared of accusations that they fudged their results and silenced critics to bolster the case for man-made global warming.

Global emissions targets will lead to 4C temperature rise, say studies

5 July 2010

Studies predict major extinctions and collapse of Greenland ice sheet with temperatures rising well above UN targets.

Network Rail study to assess impact of climate change

1 July 2010

Thousands of miles of railway track to be examined for ability to withstand storms, flooding and heatwaves.

Inventor paints mountains white to combat climate change

28 June 2010

An inventor has set out to paint the peaks of the Andes white in an attempt to combat the effects of climate change.

Cutting greenhouse gases will be no quick fix for our weather, scientists say

17 June 2010

UK study predicts increased floods and droughts will continue for decades after global temperatures are stabilised.

Belief in climate change 'drops' in the UK

11 June 2010

Fewer people in the UK believe in global climate change compared with five years ago, a Cardiff University survey says.

Number of droughts likely to increase under climate change

26 May 2010

A Met Office study on how climate change could affect the frequency of extreme droughts in the UK has found a range of possibilities — the majority of them showing such droughts will become more common.

Global temperature records - a way forward

13 May 2010

Scientists at the Met Office have called for a new international project to modernise global temperature records.

Designing leaves for a warmer, crowded world

5 May 2010

A blueprint of the genetic program controlling leaf shape is being developed, the findings from which could be the first step in the next green revolution.

Bonn climate talks: picking up the pieces after Copenhagen

12 April 2010

Negotiators have been examining which elements of the Copenhagen accord could be salvaged and turned into a binding global deal in Mexico.

Sheffield's green roof safaris

8 April 2010

The Yorkshire city has started a programme of 'green roof safaris' to show how topping new and regenerated buildings can improve the environment and encourage biodiversity.

Britain blooming earlier thanks to rising temperatures, study says

7 April 2010

British plants are coming into flower earlier as temperatures rise, according to a study based on nature records dating back 250 years.

Home owners at risk of coastal erosion should be compensated

30 March 2010

Homes at risk of coastal erosion should be given compensation, according a new report by MPs that calls on the Government to double spending on flood protection to £1 billion every year.

Gulf Stream 'is not slowing down'

29 March 2010

The Gulf Stream does not appear to be slowing down, say US scientists who have used satellites to monitor tell-tale changes in the height of the sea.

Global warming changes natural event: first causal link

18 March 2010

For the first time, a causal link has been established between climate change and the timing of a natural event – the emergence of the common brown butterfly.

What the Sami people can teach us about adapting to climate change

10 March 2010

As global warming and habitat degradation accelerates, people indigenous to the Arctic circle say they have much to teach the world about how to adapt, survive, and thrive.

Environment Agency calls for flood protection products

25 February 2010

UK businesses should spend more effort on developing innovative devices to help protect homes from flooding, the Environment Agency's chairman says.

For sustainable architecture, think bug

22 February 2010

In the heart of Africa's savannah lies a city that is a model of sustainable development. Its buttressed towers are built entirely from natural, biodegradable materials. Its inhabitants live and work in quarters that are air-conditioned and humidity-regulated, without consuming a single watt of electricity.

Climate sceptics denounced by Brown as he launches climate change group: article

12 February 2010

A new United Nations funding group is set up to begin providing financial assistance to developing countries in meeting the challenges associated with adapting to climate change. With threats including sea level rise and water shortage, some developing countries face real challenges if climate change intensifies as projected.

White roofs can cool cities: article

5 February 2010

Researchers at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado have developed a model that demonstrates that painting roofs in cities white could cool surrounding air by around 0.6ºC. Alongside measures such as increasing green cover in cities, such technological solutions could help cities remain comfortable in a changing climate.

Architects propose 'radical' coastal flood defenses: article

15 January 2010

Sea level rise is a real threat to some parts of the UK. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) have proposed a number of far reaching options for coastal defence. These focus on managed retreat, designing habitable flood defences and ‘attacking’ the problem by building out into the sea.

Adapting to climate change in the Mekong Delta: article

15 December 2009

As these pictures from the Mekong Delta demonstrate, adaptation to climate change is taking place across the globe. For example, in the Mekong Delta farmers are changing cropping cycles and planting different varieties of rice to adapt to a changing climate.

Environment Agency: British wildlife faces climate change devastation: article

14 December 2009

The Environment Agency warns that climate change poses a real threat to British wildlife due to rising temperatures. Impacts include allowing invasive species to move into the country and changing species breeding cycles. Adaptation responses to support British wildlife will be necessary.

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